Week 12 R-Logs: Analysis Update

Hi Gang — This week we’re sharing updates on our research paper for the course, specifically working ideas for a lines of analysis you are building. What is one of the key points or questions you are digging into? What ideas, thoughts, or problems are you pondering as you explore it? What scene in the film helps illustrate it? Share some of the details here, and feel free to think aloud.

Note: our syllabus also asks that you share an image, but that was from our earlier days of individual sites. Our current comment format doesn’t allow for image uploads, but feel free to share outside links if you like (optional). Just make sure they’re not to any buggy sites!

Due Tues (3/31), 11:59 pm.

Week 11 Reading Logs: A Better Tomorrow

We’re back to reading logs this week — please share a quote and your comments and a discussion question you might find interesting to explore, have a concern about, or want to dig into further below… It should be on either of our two readings for this week, namely Jillian Sandell’s “Reinventing Masculinity…” (1996) or Tony Williams’ “Space, Place, and Spectacle…” (1997). See our syllabus and online readings page for more.

R-Logs are due by Tuesday evening, 11:59 pm (3/24).


Week 9 R-Logs: Secondary Source Reports

We’ve reached the second half of the semester! For this installment of our discussions, instead of talking books on our films-of-the-week, we’re reporting in on the texts we’re reading for our research projects. It’s a “research-log” this time…

So, tell us a bit about a book or article that you’re reading for your project (be sure to provide the citation.) How does this source speak to questions you’re exploring, ideas you’re developing, or in what ways is it further complicating your thinking on your research topic? If there’s a question you’re puzzling in conjunction with that reading, definitely share it – this is meant as a workshop space! If there’s a part of that reading that’s a problem you’re working through, this is also the right space to air it for exactly the same purpose. Feel free to discuss…

(Due Tuesday  night, 3/10, by 11:59 pm)


Week 7 Reading Logs

This week’s readings include the following: Yomi Braester’s “Memory at a Standstill: From Maohistory to Hooligan History” (2003) and Geremie Barme’s “Wang Shuo and ‘Liumang’ (Hooligan) Culture” (1992). Pick one (or both if you dig ’em) and hop in below…

R-Log due by Tuesday, 11:59 pm.


Week 5 – “Farewell My Concubine” Reading Logs

Our readings for this week are: Wendy Larson, “The Concubine and the Figure of History: Chen Kaige’s Farewell my Concubine” (Lu, 331-346); and, a second one, namely Jenny Kwok Wah Lau, “‘Farewell my Concubine’: History, Melodrama, and Ideology in Contemporary Pan-Chinese Cinema” Film Quarterly 49.1 (Autumn 1995): 16-27.

For your R-Log this week, please select one of those readings to comment on, sharing a quote that you found particularly interesting, as well as your own engaged comments on it, and, also helpful, a question that you have to accompany the text, issues it poses, and/or their relation to themes we’ve been exploring.

Please be sure to review your classmates’ posts and try to avoid simply duplicating them (esp. in order to receive full credit.) Engagement with your classmates posts is always rewarded…

Post are due by 11:59 pm on Tuesday (2/10).

Image: A scene from the Chinese opera “Farewell My Concubine,” performed at Lincoln Center, NYC, in 2007. Via the New York Times (12 July 2007). See the link above for more on this opera and its plot, as well as the recent performance.

Contemplating Term Paper Possibilities…

In the Mood for Love 2As mentioned in class this week, all members of our HIST 300AA Detachment are requested to share their thoughts, leads, and/or brainstorms in regard to a term paper project here in our discussion thread below. What one of the two films you might be thinking of exploring? A director whose work has caught your eye? What period (especially decade) does it center in? Or compare between? Key actor/s? Theme or issue? Question/s you may begin to contemplate exploring…?

Feel free to help your comrades in the collective with leads, further Q’s, ideas, and general work on the brainstorm. Remember that research is always a group effort!

Need some leads on a project? Don’t forget the Media page at the MCLC Resource site (a site also noted on our Resources page at the main course site.)

Image: Maggie Cheung, in Wong Kar-wai’sIn the Mood for Love” (2000)

Intro’s: Is the Gang All Here?

red_commie_band-01We’re regrouping here at this discussion site to share our Research and Reading Logs (R-Logs) this semester. Just to be sure the full contingent has made it through the jungle and past the tech glitches, ghosts, and bad guys, could y’all drop a hello in the comments below? And maybe a reminder of what your favorite film is again? Those posts seem to have been lost in our week one skirmish with K…

GIF credit: Jim Groom, from “Red Detachment of Women” (d. Xie Jin, 1961)

Week 3 – Marchetti Reading Log

Our reading for Week 3 is Gina Marchetti’s “Two Stage Sisters: The Blossoming of a Revolutionary Aesthetic” (Lu, 1997): 59-80. Please sharing a reading log below (via “leave a reply”) by midnight on the Tuesday night before our Wednesday class…

We’ll also have a Research project. brainstorm log coming up later this week, due by Friday – stay tuned for a follow up prompt here at the site… Dr. Fernsebner’s office hours this week: MWF 11-12, W 2-3, and by appointment. Remember, you can also drop your professor an email if you’re feeling stuck!

Looking for guidelines on the reading log? Take a second look at your syllabus for instructions. Length: a short paragraph (5-7 focused lines make sense…) Avoid simply duplicating your classmates’ post. Engagement with their comments, on the other hand, is welcome and rewarded.